Our Services

Construction Solutions

Our Construction division is committed to delivering Full-service Design-Build, Civil, Property Construction Services, General and Marine Construction Services ensuring premium grade products with on-time delivery

Consultancy Solutions

Today our goal is to provide you with complete corporate protection and management for all facilities we construct as well as those not constructed by our outfit.

Security Systems Solutions

Santabaron’s security and fire division was founded with the objective of integrating Commercial Security/Monitoring (including Access Control Systems) and Fire Protection Systems with the Internet for the local market with high consideration for extremely user-friendly interfaces to all systems with the least maintenance costs.

This results in the integration of all systems in a seamless manner giving clients from all sectors ranging from large to very large entities to small home users.

Supplies Solutions

Our Supplies Division is committed to sourcing the best products worldwide and delivering them in a timely manner and at unbeatable cost. High quality is the most important component in our business relations.

Our range of products vary from IT and Office Equipment, Agricultural Supplies, Industrial Chemicals, Water Treatment and Purification Products and a host of other superior and quality products. Santabaron Ventures has proven itself to be a market leader by providing the most comprehensive and innovative selection of products and services in all sectors of our ventures.